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Products and Services

We use first quality materials, national and imported, with different levels of resistance, finishes and from micro to triple corrugated depending on the type and needs of protection for the product to be packed. We also offer moisture protective coatings, NOMAR and anti-static.

We offer the following products: 

  • Regular slotted boxes.
  • Automatic bottom die cut boxes and / or 6 corners.
  • Pleated trays with 4 corner gluing.
  • Inserts and dividers.
  • Corrugated cardboard corners.
  • Displays with color selection printing.
  • Prints in up to 4 inks.
  • "Gaylor" type boxes.
  • All kinds of specialties.



Our manufacturing processes have the highest standards, because our Quality Management System is certified under ISO 9001 version 2015. Our commitment is to deliver high quality products, with competitive prices and give the best personalized service to the customer.

Packaging design advice

Calculation of adequate resistance needed

Online Maintenance and Monitoring of your Inventories

Deliveries "just in time"

Maximum stowage calculation

Determination of environmental and safety factors


Hacienda Santa María 100-A
Col. Hacienda el Palmar,
Santa Catarina, N.L., C.P. 66367

Expansión 111
Col. Industrial las Torres, 
Santa Catarina, N.L.